How To Remove Oil Stains With Homemade Carpet Cleaning Tricks

Oil stains on the carpets are quite irritating because they won’t go away too soon. So, all you need to do is take the best out of it and use those remedies to remove the oil stains. You will see that oil stains can create problems and if they stay forever then the carpet would start looking old and with the stained look. So, be ready to get the best solutions. Here are these carpet cleaning solutions.

Remove Oil Stains
Remove Oil Stains
  1. Use cornstarch to remove the oil stains from the carpets

You should take some corn starch and then add some drops of water. Make a paste out of this and apply it to the stain. The oil stain will become light and soon, it will go away. There are different oils that you might be using in your home. This may include baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil, or mustard oil. The oil spills can create too many issues. It is therefore vital that you use the best remedy and this one is surely the one that’s working.

  1. Use dish wash detergent on the carpet where there is an oil stain

The place on the carpet that has oil stains needs to be treated quickly. You can use liquid soap or dish liquid to get rid of the stain. Just apply the same and scrub properly. This will give you freedom from old and new oil stains. You must apply these homemade carpet cleaning tricks and this will bring in better results for sure.

  1. Use a small amount of rubbing alcohol over the oil stain

You need to use rubbing alcohol and it will give you freedom from oil stains. Take a few drops of this and apply them on the stained area. If the oil stain is too prominent then you may have to use this carpet cleaning technique multiple times. This will bring in better results.

  1. Buy a dry cleaning solvent and use the same for stain cleaning

If you want to use homemade carpet cleaning tricks then you can try getting dry cleaning and stain removal solvents. These are useful in providing the perfect options. Oil stains can tarnish the look of the carpet and so you need to take the right steps. Make sure that you use the tried and tested remedy. Make sure that while you are removing the oil stain, you are not affecting the carpet in any other way. This will prove to be an important thing.


There are many homemade carpet cleaning tricks for removing oil stains. But all you need to do is take further steps and plan things very well. Carpets get dirty but you should follow the best ways and means to clean the same. Likewise, the carpets are potent enough to suck all the stains and then show them up. So, be ready to use the relevant and best carpet cleaning tricks and see how that will give you better results.